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Žaidimų vairas Thrustmaster Open Add-On 4060114

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135,08 €
5,63 € x 24 mėn.*
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Skolinantis 135,08 €, sutartį sudarant 24 mėn. laikotarpiui, mėn. įmoka – 5,63 €, metinė palūkanų norma – 0%, mėn. sutarties administravimo mokestis – 0,00 €, sutarties sudarymo mokestis – 0,00 €, BVKKMN – 0%, bendra vartojimo kredito gavėjo mokama suma – 135,08 €.
Pristatymas: 7-12 d.d.
SB lizingas be pabrangimo iki 24 mėn.
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Žaidimų vairas Thrustmaster Open Add-On 4060114
135,08 €
The TM Open Wheel Add-On is the detachable wheel rim derived from the renowned TS-PC Racer racing wheel.  Incredibly versatile thanks to its intrinsic features, the TM Open Wheel Add-On has been designed to provide the best possible gaming ergonomics for a wide variety of car racing competitions: GT, LMP, LMS and even kart racing.  The TM Open Wheel Add-on is the most lightweight wheel rim ever created and sold by Thrustmaster.  In this way, the user’s ability to feel Force Feedback effects — a key element in the quest for automotive realism — is optimized to ensure excellent performance in all games.  The wheel’s shape, hand positioning and even the texture of the grips: each feature is the result of extremely careful consideration, with the overall goal being to facilitate in-game execution of all actions, allowing for more precise movements while racing.  The grips’ suede wrapping, combined with exacting selection of the wheel’s other materials and components, will let users experience handling that’s accessible, intuitive and realistic.
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