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Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-540PC , 4 GB

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48,49 €
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Įrašymo formatasWMA
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Kompiuterio modelisDigital Voice Recorder
Prekės kategorijaSkaitmeniniai diktofonai
Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-540PC , 4 GB
48,49 €

The VN‑540PC is intended for everybody who is about to start using a digital voice recorder. It is the perfect device for students of all ages. Packed with all useful features it is supporting you in all situations in your daily life at school, university and lectures of all types. The usability is very easy to understand. The switch is enabling even one‑handed operation. The voice recorder incorporates one‑touch direct recordings to be started at any time with one button and a micro USB connector to enable a connection with a PC.

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