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Maršrutizatorius TP-LINK Whole Home Mesh WiFi System Deco M4 (2-Pack) 802.11ac, 300+867 Mbit/s, 10/100/1000 Mbit/s, Ethernet LAN

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91,71 €
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Kompiuterio modelisDeco M4 (2-Pack)
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Maršrutizatorius TP-LINK Whole Home Mesh WiFi System Deco M4 (2-Pack) 802.11ac, 300+867 Mbit/s, 10/100/1000 Mbit/s, Ethernet LAN
91,71 €

AC1200 home Wi-Fi system

Deco M4

  • Deco uses several devices to create a uniform Wi-Fi network. Say goodbye to weak signal and dead zones forever!
  • Thanks to the advanced mesh technology, devices will automatically switch as you move around your home to enjoy the fastest speeds available.
  • Two Deco M4 devices are enough to cover a house with an area of ​​up to 260 m2 with a network. If more range is needed, additional Deco routers can be connected to the network.
  • The Deco M4 provides fast and stable connections with speeds up to 1167Mb / s.
  • Deco can handle up to 100 wireless devices in the network.
  • Parental control allows you to monitor the time spent on the Internet and the content that each family member has access to.
  • By using the Deco application, you can quickly and easily configure your devices.

Enjoy Wi-Fi like never before

The Deco M4 uses TP-Link Mesh technology to ensure a strong wireless signal in every corner of your home. Deco units work together to create a seamless Wi-Fi network.

No more Wi-Fi dead zones

Deco is the easiest way to have a strong wireless signal in every corner of your home. Two Deco units cover an area of ​​up to 260 m2. Wireless connections and an optional Ethernet backup link connect the Deco units for an even faster network and the smoothest roaming. Need more Wi-Fi coverage? Just add another Deco unit.

Smooth roaming

Deco routers work together to create a seamless Wi-Fi network. As you move around your home, your phone or tablet will always connect to the Deco router that offers the best connection, without interrupting the transfer.

No more buffering

With 802.11ac technology and speeds up to three times faster than older generations of routers , Deco can provide fast, lag-free connection for up to 100 devices.

3in1: Router , Access Point and Extender mode

The multi-functional Deco M4 device can be used as a router, access point and network repeater. Choose the most optimal mode on an ongoing basis and enjoy maximum network flexibility.

Router (default)

Create a private wireless network in no time.

Access point

Create Wi-Fi access for all wired networks.

Network repeater

Strengthen Wi-Fi coverage and eliminate dead zones.

Configuration via the app

Installing the Deco M4 is quick and easy. Unpack Deco, install the app, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Simple management

With the Deco app, you can manage your network from home and on the go. The application allows, among other things, to verify connected devices, assign them priorities or configure a guest network.

Voice control

Pair Deco M4 with Alexa and control your device with simple voice commands. Enjoy smart solutions in your home.

Reliable parental controls

A simple and intuitive parental control function will make it easy for you to keep your child safe online.

  • User profiles
  • Content filtering
  • Time limits
  • Preview
  • Put the call on hold

All Deco devices are compatible with each other

Deco M4 can create a Mesh network with any other Deco model. To increase the range of the network, it is enough to add more Deco units to it.

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