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Registratorius 70mai Dash Cam A400 White

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74,26 €
Registratorius 70mai Dash Cam A400 White
74,26 €

70mai A400 video recorder

Car cameras appeared in the 1980s. They were originally a modest gadget with a simple appearance, used in the police force to increase security. Currently, they have gained great popularity among drivers around the world. 70mai A400 is a modern device that looks a bit like a pocket camera, available in various colors. The car camera will certainly meet the expectations of people who are looking for a good price-quality ratio and innovative technological solutions. 70mai A400 is a small camera with great possibilities and utility advantages. It offers 1440p resolution, two-channel recording, parking monitoring, very good visibility at night as well as safety and comfort during everyday driving.

She will watch over your safety

The 70mai A400 camera is equipped with an efficient optical sensor GC4653, which allows you to get the image in QHD quality with a resolution of up to 1440p. The image is above-average sharp, and the colors are perfectly reproduced, so you can easily read the license plate numbers of the vehicles you pass by. The camera works just as well during the day as it is at night, which will surely make you feel safe. Thanks to the wide viewing angle (145 degrees), the camera covers as many as 3 lanes on the road, which eliminates the risk that any event on the road will escape its attention. If you have a minor collision, he will provide you with evidence that will surely help to clear up any disputes.

It will provide a good quality image even at night

The 70mai A400 car camera is equipped with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology, which automatically adjusts the exposure level to the lighting conditions. The night mode works flawlessly in it, and the image does not lose quality when the lighting is weaker or the contrast is greater. The F2.0 aperture draws in more light which perfectly brightens darker scenes. You do not have to worry that the camera will work worse at night and an important event will escape her attention.

It will work automatically and will be distinguished by intelligence

The device from the 70mai brand in the shape of a compact camera starts automatically when the car's engine is started. You don't need to remember to turn it on manually. The camera is really intelligent - it records recordings in a loop, which allows you to avoid losing important footage from a road incident. When all of its memory is used up, the oldest recordings will be overwritten with the current ones. The A400 has native support for memory cards up to a maximum of 128GB of capacity and class 10, so it quickly processes even large files and always runs smoothly.

He will answer the question where these scratches come from

There is a G-Sensor sensor in the 70mai A400 car camera, extremely useful during parking mode. When the device detects a shock, it automatically starts recording. This will allow you to check who damaged your car and left scratches on its body. You will be informed about the material recorded during parking by a voice notification that will appear as soon as you turn on your car. The device also has a photo mode, which will allow you to easily detach it and take photos directly from the scene. This is possible because the camera is equipped with a 500 mAh battery and does not need any additional power supply to work for you.

It will connect to Wi-Fi

The 70mai A400 camera is operated thanks to the dedicated 70mai application, which is available for Android and iOS. In the application, you can easily view the recordings and download them to your smartphone's memory. You will connect to the video recorder via Wi-Fi.

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