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Ausinės Shokz Open Run Black S803BK

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139,99 €
Taisymo pratęsta garantija + 2 metai 35,80 €
Taisymo pratęsta garantija + 3 metai 40,00 €
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Ausinių jautrumas105 dB
Dažnis +20 - 20000 Hz
Ausinių tipasLankelis
Belaidės ausinėsTaip
Ausinės su mikrofonuTaip
Atsparumas vandeniui +IP67
Baterijos veikimo laikasIki 8 val
Pakuotės turinysOpenRun Headphones,Carrying Bag,Magnetic Charging Cable
Bluetooth ryšys +Taip
Mikrofonas +Taip
Garantinis laikotarpis24 mėn.
Prekės kategorijaAusinės
Ausinės Shokz Open Run Black S803BK
139,99 €
Open-Ear Comfort
Our open-ear design, powered by bone conduction technology, allows for total awareness of surroundings and bud-free, comfortable listening.

Available in 2 sizes to maximize comfort and ensure a secure fit. OpenRun Mini has a .5 inch shorter band size.

IP67 Waterproof
An IP67 rating makes these completely sweat and waterproof to welcome intense workouts and extreme weather. A moisture detection alert ensures safe charging. Not intended for swimming.

Outstanding Sound Quality
Powered by patented 8th generation bone conduction, Bluetooth 5.1, and PremiumPitch™ 2.0+, OpenRun delivers clear sound, powerful volume, and a rich bass.

Lightweight Secure Fit
Meet your new favorite training partner. Designed for athletes, our wireless headphones stay put for all-day listening while keeping you motivated and aware of your surroundings.

8-Hour Battery Life
Quick Charge
With 8 hours of battery life and easy commands such as play, skip, pause, and back-a-track, you can enjoy music, calls, audiobooks, and podcasts all day long.

OpenRun also features a 10-minute Quick Charge for up to 1.5 hours of battery life.*

*This data is gathered at the Shokz laboratory and is tested by playing ACC encoded audio at 75% volume on iOS14 mobile devices. The actual battery life will be affected by the type of audio, volume, temperature of your environment, and output of the USB port used to charge your headphones.

What's In The Box
OpenRun Headphones
Carrying Bag
Magnetic Charging Cable
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