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Ausinės Shokz Open Move Blue S661BL

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89,99 €
Taisymo pratęsta garantija + 2 metai 24,80 €
Taisymo pratęsta garantija + 3 metai 27,50 €
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Ausinių jautrumas96 dB
Dažnis +20 - 20000 Hz
Ausinių tipasLankelis
Belaidės ausinėsTaip
Ausinės su mikrofonuTaip
Atsparumas vandeniui +IP55
Baterijos veikimo laikasIki 6 val
Pakuotės turinysOpenMove Headphones, Carrying Bag,USB-C Charging Cable
Bluetooth ryšys +Taip
Garantinis laikotarpis24 mėn.
Ausinės Shokz Open Move Blue S661BL
89,99 €
Open-Ear Design
Unlike other headphones that cover your ears, ours leave your ears completely open for total awareness of surroundings for a safe and connected listening experience.
Inspired by athletes, designed for everyone. OpenMove’s advanced technology comes at a cost-effective price to fit every lifestyle and budget.
More Value, Less Spending
Excellent Sound Quality
Powered by patented 7th generation bone conduction and PremiumPitch 2.0™, the unique structure of OpenMove’s earhook compliments the transducer's ability to deliver precise and balanced audio, optimal volume, and rich bass.

Rain, snow, sweat and dust are no match for these IP55 rated headphones, designed to embrace any elements you throw their way.

Lightweight and Comfortable
With nothing inside or over your ears, our open-ear, lightweight (29g) design ensures all-day comfort.

Secure Fit 
Unlike traditional headphones that move and fall out during use, our titanium band ensures a snug, secure fit.
6 Hours Of Music And Calls

What's In The Box
· OpenMove Headphones
· Carrying Bag
· USB-C Charging Cable
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