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Balenciaga Paris EDP Spray 75 ml for Women

Greitas pristatymas 1-2 d.d.

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67,99 €
Dydis (tūris arba svoris)75 ml
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Balenciaga Paris EDP Spray 75 ml for Women
67,99 €
Balenciaga Paris is a lovely paradox a fragrance full of light and balanced with dark apertures As the scent opens an airy bouquet of violets is set against the antique charm of dried petals found between the pages of a book Traces of past memories turn to the present as a peppery note swells over a calm trace of mossy wood A scent that breathes in the secret hours of night it is mysterious and fragileaEUR yet leaves a lasting trail Its unique bottle references Balenciaga style with a dash of humor Fashioned of blown glass and left without engraving or adornments its angles and curves culminate with an ivory cap that appears like a surprise rising from a velvet cape
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