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Universalus multifunkcis treniruoklis inSPORTline Profigym C300

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Prekės kodas 2832022

1 838,41 €
Universalus multifunkcis treniruoklis inSPORTline Profigym C300
1 838,41 €

The Home Gym inSPORTline Profigym C300 will save you time as you won’t have to buy machines for your home gym separately. Thanks to the unique construction, there’s a different training station on either side of the machine, saving not only space but also time as it allows multiple users to train at the same time. All the stations are connected to a partially soundproof, 60kg weight stack system. 

The leg press station allows you to exercise your thighs while the leg extension/curl station is used for strengthening your calves. The upper and lower pulley will help you build your back muscles, biceps and triceps. The chest press and butterfly stations allow you to focus on your pecs. If you want to strengthen your abs or spine muscles, you can do so on the robust parallel bars with padded handles. You might also appreciate the twist board with handles, which allows you to strengthen your oblique abs and hips.

You can make your workout as comfortable as possible by adjusting the position of the leg press backrestheight of the bicep curl pad and butterfly seat, and angle of the exercise arms. Thanks to the sophisticated construction, the Home Gym inSPORTline Profigym C300 offers dozens of exercise options without taking up the entire apartment.


Technical description:

  • Multi-purpose home gym with training stations on either side
  • Leg press, chest press, butterfly, parallel bars and cable station in one
  • Dozens of exercise options
  • Durable, space-saving construction
  • Exercise arms can be adjusted to 4 different positions
  • Height-adjustable bicep curl pad
  • Adjustable leg press backrest
  • Height-adjustable butterfly seat
  • Weight stack resistance adjustment (60 kg)
  • Replaceable cable attachments
  • Drawings of individual exercises directly on the frame
  • Dimensions: L 285 x W 252 x H 226 cm
  • Weight: 238 kg
  • Weight stacks: 2 x 60 kg (two separate columns)
  • Weight limit: 150 kg
  • Category: H (EN 957) – suitable for home use
  • Package dimensions: 6 boxes – 2 pcs.: 186 x 68 x 21 cm, 4 pcs.: 45 x 37 x 19 cm 

Training stations:

  • Leg press
  • Chest press
  • Shoulder press
  • Butterfly
  • Standing leg curls
  • Leg extensions
  • Cable pulldown
  • Cable pull ups
  • Rowing
  • Bicep cable curl
  • Tricep cable curl
  • Parallel bar push-ups
  • Parallel bar leg raises
  • Twist board with handles
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