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SSD|KINGSTON|HyperX Fury RGB|480GB|SATA 3.0|TLC|Write speed 480 MBytes/sec|Read speed 550 MBytes/sec|2,5"|MTBF 1000000 hours|SHFR200/480G

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Get the upgrade that you need to kick your system’s performance and style into high gear with the HyperX FURY RGB SSD. The drive features a smooth, stunning light bar to give your computer a dash of dazzling RGB lighting. It can also daisy-chain to other RGB devices to sync colours and effects. Cutting-edge 3D NAND and a Marvell controller give the FURY RGB incredible speeds of 550 MB/s write and 480MB/s read while also making the drive more durable and more efficient. With a top case designed to accentuate its lighting, FURY RGB is the premier SSD for computer builders who don’t want to skimp on performance or looks.
  • 3D NAND Flash SSD
  • Stunning RGB styling
  • Can daisy-chain to other RGB devices
  • RGB cable
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