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SILICONPOW SP010TBPSDB75SCS Silicon Power External SSD Bolt B75 1TB USB 3.1 Silver

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SSD disko talpa1TB
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  • Inspiration to take flight
    The Bolt B75 Portable SSD is a tribute to "form follows function." Who else feels a dash of inspiration and nostalgia when they look at vintage airplanes? You wouldn't be the only one. In fact, when you gaze upon the Junkers F.13, an impressive German transport plane born nearly a century ago, you'll discover a little secret. Its corrugated duralumin metal skin inspired the Silicon Power design team to add unbending ridges to this portable SSD. Why? Because the ridges add strength, sharpness, and spirit. Where will inspiration take you? To the edge of your map.
  • For work you love
    If you're a creative who can't be slowed down by glacier-paced transfers and banged-up, broken tools, then the Bolt B75 Portable SSD will excite you. Work that makes you lose track of the hour is time spent doing what you love. Launch your next masterpiece with style, durability, and sped-up transfer speeds.
  • A beast with bells and whistles
    What happens when you blend rugged durability with an unforgettable visual appeal? The Bolt B75. L-shaped wraparound luminous LED indicator. Sleek and slim aluminum body. Grooves straight as arrows. Nothing without purpose. You won't be able to put down its shockproof, scratchproof wondrous design. And when it's time to set it down and plug it in, the Bolt B75 shines from the inside, too.
  • Your new drive, stunning
    Looking to expand your computer's capability? The Bolt B75 Portable SSD, able to boost performance anywhere, will delight those who need to create on the go. This swift SSD's got huge storage potential (120/240/480/960GB) and reads and writes at blistering speeds (max. 440 and 430MB/s respectively). You're now free to create everywhere you go.
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