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Pūkų surinkėjas Cecotec Forcecut

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Pūkų surinkėjas Cecotec Forcecut
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Electric lint remover with rechargeable battery. Lint remover with 3 different-sized holes, for every type of fabric, adjustable depending on the type of clothes. Removable tank. ForceCut by Cecotec.

  • ForceCut: Electric lint remover with rechargeable battery, ideal for rejuvenating any type of clothes and fabrics such as cotton, wool, acrylics, etc.
  • SaveTime: Save twice the time thanks to its big 50-mm diameter blade, perfect to cover a wide surface in just one go.
  • Battery Pro: Maximum comfort cable-free thanks to its high capacity rechargeable battery which grants 45 minutes autonomy.
  • ProtectHead: Adjustable head which adapts perfectly to any type of clothes, carefully looking after your clothes and achieving a total control over the cleaning of fluffs.
  • SecuritySystem: Integrated security system which deactivates operation in order to have access to the blades with total protection, avoiding possible accidents.
  • ExtremeBlade: Extra-strong blades capable of spinning at a speed up to 8800 revolutions per minute, removing effectively all types of fluffs.
  • ErgonomicShape: Ergonomic, light, manageable and easy to use.
  • 3Sizes: High quality metallic grid composed of holes of 3 different sizes to retain every type of fluffs and delicately take care of your clothes.
  • Fluff intake tank of great capacity and easy emptying.
  • CleanBrush: Cleaning brush to remove all the waste generated after using it.
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