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Skersinis SportKO T2

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Skersinis SportKO T2
43,50 €

Pull-Up Up Bar SportKO T2

Can't visit the sports club? It's raining outside, come home late from work, and the stadium is two blocks from home? This is not a reason to give up lazily. In almost every living space there is a place for installing a compact horizontal bar SPORTKO, especially since this does not require freeing up all the space around. It is enough to have a free part of a monolithic wall one meter wide, and everything that will stand under the horizontal bar can be removed to the side during training.
The home horizontal bar SPORTKO will allow you to keep fit all year round. By incorporating pull-ups into your training program, you will not only diversify it, but also accelerate your progress when working with excess body fat, and by building the program correctly, you will improve muscle building results. Exercising on the SPORTKO horizontal bar, most of the trunk muscles are loaded: chest muscles, latissimus dorsi, trapezius muscles, deltoids, biceps and triceps. Pull-ups on the horizontal bar have always been considered the base or foundation when working with their own weight.


The horizontal bar bent with a large ledge is designed for doing pull-ups with different grip, exercises for the press, raising the legs, pulling over the head at home.
Designed for both children and adults.
Maximum user weight 130 kg.

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