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Aputure DEC LensRegain Canon objektyvui į MFT

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Delivery time on 2021 06 14

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559,01 €
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Aputure DEC LensRegain Canon objektyvui į MFT
559,01 €

0.75 Super 35mm View x Magnification


The 0.75x degree of magnification is deliberately chosen. To get you the equivalent of a Super 35mm camera when a Canon EF 50mm lens is attached to a MFT camera body. With the simple attachment of the DEC LenRegain, your MFT camera will produce images like those from industry-standard Super 35mm cameras.

Follow-Focus meets Focus-Reducer

We're proud show that the DEC LensRegain is competitive as not only a follow focus, but also a focal-reducing-adapter built in one. The 2.4G wireless frequency allows you to wirelessly follow focus, remotely start/stop recording, and adjust aperture. The internal focal-reducing element allows you to regain the equivalent field of view of a full-frame camera. With a camera package so light, you'll be free to create what nobody has been able to achieve before. 


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