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Pixel Shutter Release Wireless RW-221/DC0 Oppilas for Nikon

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Pixel Shutter Release Wireless RW-221/DC0 Oppilas for Nikon
62,91 €

The Pixel RW-221/DC0 Wireless Shutter Release can be used to wirelessly trigger your Nikon camera from up to 100 meters away. The receiver is equipped with a standard ¼” female thread on the bottom, which allows you to place it on top of a light stand next to your camera. Alternatively, the universal hotshoe connection allows you to place the receiver on top of your camera. The transmitter is capable of triggering multiple receivers. This way you can trigger multiple cameras with just one transmitter.

The RW-221/DC0 Wireless Shutter Release is suitable for the following cameras:

Nikon: D800series, D700, D300series, D2series, D1series, D200, D4, N90S, F5, F6, F100, F90, F90X, D3S, D810.

Fujifilm: S5 Pro, S3 Pro

Kodak: DCS-14n

The RW-221/DC0 can be used with various other cameras through the use of a connection cable. Such connection cables can be found in the optional accessories tab below or alternatively, you can find the cable suitable for your camera here: Connection Plugs

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